yarborough development, Inc.



Yarborough Development, Inc. is a General Contractor performing new commercial construction, including renovation work and residential housing and renovation i.e. public housing, multi-unit developments.



1700 Washington Blvd

Port Vue, PA 15133  

(412) 673 - 7620




Completed Projects


Mifflin Elementary School 2002

McClure Middle School 2005 White Oak, PA

Gateway High School 2004 Monroeville, PA

South Fayette High School

West Taylor Elementary School 2004 West Virginia

West Fairmont Middle School Fairmont, WV

University High School 2006 Morgantown, WV


Pennley Senior Support

Pennley II

Crawford Square  Pittsburgh, PA

Under Our Wing Apartments 2004

City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority 2004

Bedford Hills Apartments 2002


West Mifflin Post Office West Mifflin, PA